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Hoarding Help Michigan – Hoarder Cleanup Services

Help With Hoarding in Michigan

Hoarders Quarters is a division of Select Restoration a 20 year old fire and water damage restoration business here in Michigan. We have built a “State Of The Art” facility and manned it with a “State Of The Art Team”.

We continually train, coach and motivate our people to be the best at what we do. It wasn’t too long after opening that previous customers whom we cleaned up and restored their properties after natural disasters started to call pleading for help in cleaning up, organizing and removal of items collected by hoarding.

We are not just your typical junk removal cleanup company. Most of these companies have employees that are used to lugging out junk and unwanted items in people homes. Most of these employees are not trained to deal with the psychological tenderness of hoarding. Also as most hoarders are highly intelligent and educated well respected members of our society, most junk hauling employees are not trained in etiquette and social graces.

Hoarding – privacy cleanup up and organizing services mi

Client privacy is a major corner stone at the hoarder help line. Under no circumstances and situations, will any knowledge of the hoarder’s condition be mentioned to anyone outside of the hoarder help line. To help protect the privacy needs of our hoarding clean up clients, we also offer additional services reducing the need for our clients to bring other contractors into their homes. These services include:

  • Janitorial and all types of cleaning ( after the hoarding clean up and into the future )
  • Checkups after the initial hoarding cleanup to assist if the client “ falls off the wagon”
  • Any type of construction, repairs or remodeling to the home
  • Professional organizational, storage and content cleaning services

Michigan Hoarding cleanup organizing specialists

If you or a loved one has a hoarding issue, we want you to feel at ease in contacting us. We are not here to pressure you and feel it is our duty to send and inform you as much information as possible about hoarding. Please use us as your resource.